Handsome Wolf Paw Print Bone Carving Necklace


– pawprint pendant 3.5 cm (1.4 inches)
– adjustable cord 42 to 73 cm (16.5 to 28.5 inches)
– quintessential jewelry for the wolf fanatic


This handsome wolf paw print bone necklace is the greatest gift for the wolf lover in your life. Even if that person is you; you deserve to gift yourself now and then. Wolves are courageous and strong wild beasts. Wear their glimmering paw print to show off your totem animal. I made this wolf paw print bone carving with my own hands.

As a one of a kind, you won’t see this jewelry on anyone else. People will be asking you where you got it. You can proudly tell them that this is the only one; I never carve any two paw prints the same.

Deer Shed Their Antlers Annually

Each part of this necklace is hand-made from organic and renewable resources. The paw print I carved from shed antler. The cord I braided from hemp. The gem in the center is a red garnet. And finally, the two bone beads from beef leg bones.

But Wait

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Author: Colleen

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