Scoop of Buttons Upcycled Necklace, repurposed spoon and button jewelry


– spoon pendant 9 cm (3.5 inches)
– braided hemp cord 48 cm (19 inches)
– adorable button beads


Scoop of Buttons Upcycled Necklace

Scoop of Buttons Upcycled Necklace. You’re a crafty person. Wearing this necklace represents just how eclectic you are in your favorite past time. Scooping out buttons with your hands shoots an excited bolt of inspiration through you. Hippie hemp and vintage buttons go hand in hand. Buy this gorgeous nod to being a crafter.

This was an exciting experiment. The spoon was from my aunt’s silverware and the buttons were from my mothers button box. I braided hemp so that it incorporated the spoon and some buttons right in the braid. I love resin and gears and thought to make this as a tribute to crafters like my aunt and mother everywhere. It is looking for a good forever home with you!

Upcycled Jewelry, Recycled Jewelry, Repurposed Jewelry

Combining various pieces of old and vintage objects with newer cords and parts is such a rewarding experience. I love the smell of the aged objects when they combine with the scent of new hemp and resin. If you like this creation please consider buying it, and do check out our other recycled jewelry.

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