Spiral Antler Aquamarine Adjustable Necklace


– adjustable cord measures 49cm (19in) to 98cm (38in)
– pendant measures 6.5cm (2.5in)
– aquamarine cabochons inlay
– no unicorns harmed to make this!


Someone might think this Spiral Antler Aquamarine Adjustable Necklace came from a certain mythical animal. However, I can assure you no unicorns were harmed to carve this necklace. Deer shed their antlers once a year to regrow; they drop them on the ground for critters to gnaw on and artists to use in their jewelry.

Spiral Antler Aquamarine Adjustable Necklace

This necklace has an adjustable cord that measures from 49cm to 98cm (19in to 38in). Unicorn themed pendant measures 6.5cm (2.5in) long. I carved the pendant from a shed deer antler. I used a two-part epoxy resin to secure the seven aquamarine cabochons. They really shine when the light hits them just right!

Author: Colleen

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