Beef Bone Spiral Necklace, Bone Hook “Hei Matau” Jewelry


– hook measures 4 cm (1.5in)
– adjustable cord measures 90cm to 42cm (32in to 16in)
– carved from a renewable resource


I carved Beef Bone Spiral Necklace from cow bone, which is a by-product from the food trade. In Māori culture, which has influenced this design, this is typically known as a hook or a “hei matau” necklace. It represents strength, good luck, and safe travels across water. Great for everyday wear no matter where you live!

Beef Bone Spiral Necklace

The waxed cotton cord is adjustable and measures 90cm to 42cm (32in to 16in). The hook measures 4 cm (1.5in).

I fashioned this necklace in my home in southwest Albuquerque. I roughed the shape out with a bandsaw and Dremel. Next, I used sand paper and files to fine tune the shape. Finally, I used my home-made polish to make it glisten in the light. See our blog for more detailed techniques on how I carve my bone jewelry.

Author: Colleen

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