Winged Sugar Skull Gourd Sculpture


– sculpted out of gourds
– approx. 9cm (3.5in) by 20cm (8in) by 15cm (6in)
– winged skull sculpture
– organic sugar skull art


Winged Sugar Skull Gourd Sculpture

Winged sugar skull gourd sculpture by Nathaniel Thomas. Raised in the American south-west it is no shock that skulls sneak their way into Nathan’s intricate gourd sculptures. This purple and white flying skull looks great on a counter with your keys or shelf with your collectibles. He can also hang on a wall or from the ceiling with a bit of string. Just loosely tie some string to the wing shoulders and secure to the wall with an art tack.

Gourd Sculpting

Nathan sculpts with gourds from New Mexico and Arizona. Many he grows himself in his home garden. Aside from gourds, he also recycles and salvages objects to include in his sculptures. Some of those objects include old pieces of metal and childhood marbles. Foil and wood filler are also used to sculpt some details. A Dremel helps to shape the gourd pieces.

Author: Colleen

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