Bird Wing Antler Carving Necklace


– pendant measures 5.5cm (2in) long
– adjustable cord measures 20cm to 40cm (8in to 16in)
– carved from renewable resource
– birds of a feather flock together

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Bird Wing Antler Carving Necklace

Everyone knows someone who loves birds. Maybe it is you! Wear this bird wing antler carving necklace next time you go birding. Wear it to work because you are crazy for birds and all things feathered. I carved a piece of antler into a bird wing. The inlay is glass I salvaged from an ant hill in an old glass dump in Albuquerque’s bosque.

Sustainable Jewelry

Deer shed their antlers once a year, making it the perfect renewable resource for carvers. Wear this knowing that it caused no animal any grief to use. The cotton cord is adjustable from 20cm to 40m (8in to 16in) and the pendant measures 3.5cm (1.25in). You can read our blog to find out more about carving bone and more. If you like the necklace, check out our store for more like it.

Author: Colleen

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