Dapper Sugar Skull Gourd Sculpture, gourd and devil’s claw art


– sculpted out of gourd and devil claws
– measures approx. 9cm (3.5in) by 15cm (6in) by 10cm (4in)
– dapper sugar skull with top hat and mustache
– one of a kind 3D skull art


This stylish Dapper Sugar Skull Gourd Sculpture is a proper gentleman ready to charm you with his undead manners. A dashing fellow, he loves listening to Chap Hop and you’ll never find him looking scruffy. He is gallant in his approach of the ladies; he’d like to steal your heart and he always asks before taking.

Dapper Sugar Skull Gourd Sculpture

Made from a small gourd, devil’s claw pod, and acrylic paint. He measures about 9cm by 15cm by 10cm (3.5in by 6in by 4in). He sits freely on bookshelf, desk, display cabinet, and other flat surfaces. Painted with acrylic and a clear sealant, he is easy to dust off when cleaning. If you like this fine fellow please visit our store to see more like him! You can also visit our blog to see others that have already found a new home.

Author: Colleen

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