Piranha Plant Gourd Sculpture, large art sculpture


– organically sculpted out of gourds
– approx. 19.5″ by 11″ by 7″
– plant that never needs water
– unique 3D art


Piranha Plant Gourd Sculpture

A piranha plant gourd sculpture made entirely from gourds! Nathan Thomas sculpted it here at Root Inspirations. Nate carved the gourd pieces by hand and finished the details with a Dremel. Next, he painted it with acrylic paint. Last, he painted the pot with acrylic and secured the plant inside. The pot is the only part of the sculpture not made from gourds. This house plant is one that will never needs watering and will always look happy for it.

Mistaken Identity

This plant will be a popular hit at your house since it is easily recognized by most people. Still, some people still confuse it with another popular plant. Please don’t confuse this beauty with Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors; Super Mario Bros was what inspired this artwork. The piranha plant doesn’t like being called Audrey and just might bite you!

Author: Colleen

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