Double Sided Antler Carving Necklace With Turquoise and Aquamarine Inlay


– adjustable cotton cord length 52cm to 104cm (20in to 40in)
– double sided pendant measures 4cm (1.5in)
– carved from renewable resource
– two necklaces in one!


Behold, a truly distinct Double Sided Antler Carving Necklace! That’s right, you’ll have two distinct sides in one gorgeous piece of hand-made jewelry. Only you will be wearing this one of a kind necklace; a chefs-d’Ĺ“uvre. On one side you’ll encounter a succulent plant with aquamarine inlay. On the other side you’ll meet a meteor with crushed turquoise inlay.

Double Sided Antler Carving Necklace

I carved this pendant out of a sustainable and renewable resource; a shed deer antler. Deer shed their antlers once a year, leaving them on the ground for critters to gnaw on or for artists like me to pick up and work with. The turquoise inlay was salvaged from an older necklace, and the aquamarine inlay was bought from Rio Grande in Albuquerque.

Author: Colleen

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