Bear Jaw Bone Hook Necklace


– carved from bear bone
– 4cm long and 2.5cm wide
– bamboo cord with bone accent beads


Bear Jaw Bone Hook Necklace

Carved from a section of bear jaw bone this hook represents strength and safe travels. Carving this hook was such a joy. As I removed layers of bone this golden sheen was revealed in parts. When I polished it the texture and gold really shone through.

Bear Part Laws

I got the bear skull jaw bone from a taxidermist. With bear parts in this necklace it may only sell to certain states; please click here to read on your states laws about bear parts. If you can legally buy the necklace, feel free to now! If you live in a state where bear claws cannot be bought, I do have other necklaces looking for a home here in the store.

Author: Colleen

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