Cougar Tail Bone Necklace


– necklace measures 29.5 inches long
– cougar tail bones necklace
– drilled tail bones jewelry

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Cougar Tail Bone Necklace

I made a cougar tail bone necklace from a hunted animal. The taxidermist gave me the tail, minus fur, to use the bones. I harvested the bones using maceration, degreased them using Dawn dish soap, and whitened them using peroxide. They sat around in a box for many years until 2017 when I finally drilled holes in them. Then in April 2018 I finally beaded them into a gorgeous and long necklace.

But Wait

It is legal in some states to buy, sale, and own cougar parts. If you’d like to own this necklace, first check with this website to see if it is legal in your state. If it is, then press the button to buy it.

Author: Colleen

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