Metallic Silver Beetle Necklace


– pendant measures 3.75cm
– cord measures 51cm
– bzzt bzzt!


Metallic Silver Beetle Necklace

Making this metallic silver beetle necklace was gratifying. I got the pendant from a road-side seller in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Then, I added a beaded string a few years after wearing it on a cotton cord. Don’t you think the beads really make it pop?


Pendant measures 3.75cm. The cord measures 51cm. I can always adjust the length of the beaded string for you for a small fee of $2. Allow up to 1 week for this as it is time-consuming and labor intensive on my hands. If you need a longer cord understand I might be out of the exact beaded used and I may have to use different beads to do this. I will always keep the color scheme in mind though.

Author: Colleen

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