Bear Claw Pearl Bead Necklace


– necklace measures 53.5cm (21in)
– each claw is about 3cm (1.25in)
– black bear claws dyed with peroxide


Bear Claw Pearl Bead Necklace

This bear claw pearl bead necklace has a unique twist; I dyed the claws with peroxide. This lightened their usually dark brown color. On first glance you might think they were big cat claws, as big cat claws tend to be more tan and yellow. The beads are vintage from my grandmother’s beading collection. The pearl also came from her old supplies.

But Wait

With bear parts in this necklace it may only sell to certain states; please click here to read on your states laws about bear parts. If you can legally buy the necklace, feel free to buy now!

Author: Colleen

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