Black Bear Claw Beaded Necklace with Red Garnet


– measures 63cm (24.5in) long
– claw measures 3cm (1.25in) long
– morse code necklace reads “black bear” on both sides of claw
– made with bear claw, red garnet, heishi beads, fish fetish beads, and onyx beads


Black Bear Claw Beaded Necklace with Red Garnet represents strength and love, wisdom and protection. Wear it or give it to a loved one to bring someone this powerful totem. Bears are North America’s most common bear species and are popular as a spirit animal.

This piece may only ship within the USA and only to states where bear parts are legal. Please click here to check your state laws.

Black Bear Claw Beaded Necklace with Red Garnet

I received the bear claw from a taxidermist in Alaska. The heishi beads from family and the red garnet from Rio Grande. In the heishi pattern the white beads spell out “black bear” in morse code. To read it, the first b starts near the claw and then moves up the necklace on both sides. The fish fetish beads act as spacers between letters. If you like this necklace, please check out more at our store.

Author: Colleen

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