Surreal Tiger Coloring Page for Adults


– printable PDF
– 8.5 x 11
– fantasy adult coloring page
– fun stress relief


The tiger stands on the broad plain bereft of life. She thinks that this will not do. Power stirs in her lungs. Her jaws part as if to swallow the sky. Fangs bared to the root, she roars creation into being. The warm breath of life sweeps out. Creatures spring forth. But not just any mundane creatures. They are magical beings. A unicorn bearing lightning between his teeth. An angel whose wings stir the winds she breathes. A hedgehog who will tend the bushes and keep insects in check.

The tiger purrs in satisfaction. She inhales deeply and wonders what miracles her next breath will bring forth.

Created by Colleen Wright

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Surreal Tiger Coloring Page

Coloring page story written by Sheryl Hayes.

Author: Colleen

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