Autumn Avatar Coloring Page for Adults


– printable PDF
– 8.5 x 11
– fantasy adult coloring page
– fun stress relief


Some believe her time in the Great Cycle is the season of loss. The animals seek warm places to sleep after gorging on the remnants of summer’s bounty. The lush grass turns brown and brittle. The green leaves fall to carpet the forest floor, russet, gold, and auburn. The jewel-feather burns flee to the lands where her sister Summer still holds sway.

They do not matter. The grass will grow, the trees will bud, and the animals will frolic once again. The Avatar of Autumn rests, one hand on her knee, the other hand holding her axe, surveying her domain. Hers is not a season of loss, but change.

Created by Nathaniel Thomas.

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Autumn Avatar Coloring Page

Coloring page story written by Sheryl Hayes.

Author: Colleen

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