Tortoiseshell Cat Coloring Page for Adults


– printable PDF
– 8.5 x 11
– fantasy adult coloring page
– fun stress relief


Featuring Popsicle in tortoiseshell cat coloring page! This is my friend’s cat.

“Popsicle is shy around people she doesn’t know. If she hears a stranger, especially a male stranger, she runs and hides under the bed.

If she knows you, she shows classic “Tortie ‘Tude” and stink-eye if you do something she doesn’t like. She will cuddle and purr, but only on her own terms. On occasion, she will jump up on the chair behind you and groom your hair. Otherwise she is content to be in the room with you, even though you may not know she’s there with you.

When she’s being affectionate with me in particular, she tries to cram her nose up my nostril. She will breathe in and out for a few seconds before pulling her head away.

And I caught her cuddling with Julius the other day, although she swears that he laid down on top of her. However I know for a fact that he was there first and she snuggled up to him.”

Visit Sheryl’s writing and costuming website here:

Tortoiseshell Cat Coloring Page

If you color Popsicle remember that we’d love to see the finished work. Just email it to us and you might get some goodies in exchange. Plus, we know our friend would love to see this colored as well!

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