Horse Teeth: difference between wolf teeth and canine teeth

Horse teeth are interesting. I want to show you three reasons why they are interesting.

Horse skulls colt stallion mare
Horse skulls colt stallion mare

Horses have wolf teeth and canine teeth. Two types of teeth some folks seem to confuse. I’ll be using two of my three horse skulls for examples. Take the horse on the left in the photo above. You can see it has rather impressive canine teeth. The horse on the right has some pretty tiny wolf teeth.

City of Dust

Shout out to City of Dust who took the photo of the horse it hangs above before I cleaned her bones all up

Horse Teeth: canine teeth

Canine teeth are large and curved.

horse canine teeth
Horse skull canine teeth

Horse Teeth: wolf teeth

Wolf teeth are small and like to hug the neighbors.

Horse skull wolf teeth
Horse wolf teeth

Extra incisors

A quick extra edition here: the horse skull I have with wolf teeth also has something called supernumerary. Or, extra incisors.

horse teeth, extra incisors
Horse with extra incisors
Horse teeth, extra incisor
Horse teeth, extra tooth

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