Monster Truck + Home Traveler = Monster Home, your ultimate camper

Years ago I met a man we will refer to as Richard. I agreed to change his name for his privacy, but he is proud to show off his Monster Truck Home. He asked me to photograph it and I agreed as long as I could share the photos with my friends and readers.

monster truck hybrid

Home Made Camping Truck

Completely built with his own hands, Richard combined pieces of a monster truck and a travel home to create this work of art that he uses in camping.

monster truck camper

It is large enough to fit two big dogs, his wife, and himself.

monster truck home

He tows a smaller jeep when he takes the Monster out camping.

monster home

It is large enough to be easily stocked with any gear he may need. Everything has its place here.

monster home camping

He Recycles the Oil

He tries to leave a small footprint and fuels the Monster with recycled oil. The oil is recycled by himself and he accepts used car oil as donations.

monster truck camping

A very private man, Richard wants to remain anonymous, but he gave me permission to photograph his creation inside and out.

monster home camper

Between the Monster and his jeep, he is set to camp around the mountains for months at a time.

monster truck camper

Perhaps he takes a day trip every now and then to fuel and shower.

camping with monster truck

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