7 Ways to Relieve Tendinitis

I was diagnosed with tendinitis in 2004. I learned to relieve tendinitis symptoms myself with a lot of research and talking to folks who might relate. I’ll talk about my story and recovery in a later post. For now, here are weekly and daily relief activities I do to control my hand pain:

7 Ways to Relieve Tendinitis

1. Contrast Baths: alternate soaking your hands between an icy bowl of water to a nice hot sauna in another bowl. Always end on the heated one. I like to do this, then do the warm ups and then the stretches that follow below.

2. Finger Rotations to Warm Up: extend your arm, hand and fingers out front or down by your sides. One at a time, rotate your fingers. I do one way, then rotate them the other way. Do a few repetitions. Do at any time down by your sides if you don’t want to be stared at.

3. Finger Stretches: take one finger with your other hand, and bend back towards the wrist as far as comfortable. Do a few repetitions with each finger. Do at any time they feel tight.

4. Then do all the fingers at the same time to stretch the palm and underside of the wrist.

5. Wrist (top) Stretch: extend your arm and hand out in front, using the other hand bend it down and then pull towards you until you can feel your forearm stretching. Alternate between this and number three for a few repetitions.

6. Wrist Lifts: take a one or two pound dumbbell. Rest your forearm on a flat surface with your hand hanging off and palm facing down. Grip the weight and lift up. Then flip your palm to face up and do tiny curls.

7. Vitamins and diet: No more peanut butter for me. Turns out after I stopped eating it for a month, then bought some as a treat my hands instantly swelled up on the first bite. Collagen-C and Inf-Zyme (a natural anti-inflammatory) as dietary supplements.

If this post helped you, consider sharing it. If you also have a trick to share, let me know in a comment for others to see!

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