Carving A Ball In A Cage: whimsical jewelry

Carving a ball in a cage seems like an impossible task when you look at one. However, it is more simple than it looks: a single block of carving material carved in a way that leaves two or more objects intertwined.

1st ball in a cage
My very first ball in a cage attempt.

An Artists Intuition

I did not look up directions on how to do this but instead used my carvers intuition and carved away at the block of antler. The result was a slight misshaped ball and a squished cage.

For my second attempt I carved a cube within a 3D rectangle cage. This was also slightly wonky. As was the third attempt I did in wood.

carving a ball in a cage

Carving a Ball in a Cage More Often

With my fourth try I dedicated myself to constantly checking the dimensions of the cage and the ball and correcting discrepancies as I went along. I find this carving so much more pleasing than the previous three. I do plan on making more. With my next I will fill you all in on the process.

The 4th ball in a cage I made.
My fourth try at the ball in a cage design. I think I nailed it!

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