Himilayan Cat Coloring Page for Adults


– printable PDF
– 8.5 x 11
– floofy adult coloring page
– cats, cats, cats


Smooch gets his very own coloring page. Yes, pure bred Himilayan cat coloring page like you’ve always been waiting for. Like some magical and majestic walking sweater.

Himilayan Cat Coloring Page

Smooch is Amanda’s cat. He is a pure bred Himilayan goober of sweater fluff. By that I mean a Himalayan cat. He was born with some facial deformities that make him especially endearing: it is like part of his face is just drooping off cause that’s just how lazy or tired he is. He chirps and he grunts. Sometimes he resembles an old rug. Other times, a sweater that you didn’t know you had but he’s sleeping on your clothes with his ugly mug hidden so you question yourself for a moment.

Amanda rescues cats, and makes unique custom My Little Ponies that you can buy from her, or support her on Patreon to enter a raffle.

Coloring is fun stress relief and a relaxing hobby. Coloring can help you focus and also sweep your mind away on an adventure. Numerous adults have embraced coloring as a cherished past-time. Color this . today. Don’t forget, we love to see your finished work!

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