Deer Totem Coloring Page


– printable PDF
– 8.5 x 11
– fantasy adult coloring page
– fun stress relief


This deer totem coloring page has a lot of empty space for you to practice coloring large blank areas. This deer is growing crystals on his antlers. He also has wings for ears, which is something I like doing to my fantasy creatures. His antlers proudly display one of my bone jewelry necklace designs: a ball in a cage that I carved from shed antler.

Deer Totem Coloring Page for Adults

For this coloring page, try layering your colors to make textures in the empty spaces. This will make the large blank areas more appealing to the eye. Another thing to try is a limited color palette. Focus on differing textures to make some areas pop and others shine. Remember, we love seeing your finished works and will likely give you some goodies for sharing your work with us!

Author: Colleen

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