Winter Avatar Coloring Page for Adults


Fantasy colorists will love this winter avatar coloring page. This character is what winter might look like if she were a living being, and she was designed by Nathaniel Thomas. You can color her now by just downloading the PDF and printing it from any printer. The PDF is high res and has smooth lines where as the preview image you see if a lower res jpeg with a crop. After you buy the high quality PDF, you will be given a download link. Color it and then share it with us through an email, we love to see your finished work of art!


They call her the Ice Queen instead of her proper title, the Avatar of Winter. They say she is as cold and as unfeeling as the snowstorms that blow through, the ice that coats the lakes.

But they forget it is not Spring rains that provide the water to turn the summer fields lush green, but the runoff from the snow that blankets the mountains. The lakes may appear frozen and devoid of life on the surface, but dive below and all manner of fish still thrive.

She sits on her throne, holding the spear of her office, disregarding what they say about her. The Great Cycle has ended and it will begin again.

Created by Nathaniel Thomas.

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Winter Avatar Coloring Page

Coloring page story written by Sheryl Hayes.

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