Publishing a Coloring Book From Start to Finish

Publishing a Coloring Book From Start to Finish

So, you want to publish a coloring book and you have no idea where to start. Welcome to the club many of us have found ourselves in. Thankfully, there are answers out there. Through research over the course of a year I’ve found a few methods that have worked for me. I also found some that haven’t. In this series I’ll cover publishing a coloring book from start to finish and everything in between.

This multi-part series will teach you how to create your own coloring book. We will cover everything from the first drawing of sketches to selling a physical copy of your own book! It is a gratifying process that I will walk you through step by step. I hope to cover most of the details but there are some I am bound to miss. So, please feel welcome to comment with your own experiences, tips, and tricks as we go along.

Why Do I Want to Publish a Coloring Book?

If you’re already a person who loves to draw, and you have a little free time, and you want to add some side money to your income this is a way to do just that. Since you already know how to draw, why not learn how to publish those drawings?

If you’re a person who thinks they can’t draw, but you’ve been known to doodle in the margins of notebooks this will be a good ego-boost. It is my firm opinion that anyone can draw. Doodling is drawing! Take courage and become a published artist.

What You Will Need

Each step has it’s own tools you will need. It is possible to do all of this series for free. Here are the tools I will be using:

  • drawing stuff
  • scanner (or a good camera, phone scanner apps)
  • GIMP free image editing software
  • Inkscape free vector editing software
  • Win2PDF free PDF making software
  • Get these programs, and stay tuned for step 1 coming up in a few days!

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    publishing a coloring book from start to finish

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