Coloring Book Publishing: sketching and inking a drawing

publishing a coloring book sketch

Coloring Book Publishing Tutorial: Sketching and Ink

Welcome to the first step of coloring book publishing: getting that sketch done. Whatever your topic is, start with a rough sketch and detail it until you can call it a drawing. Then ink it and scan it. Sounds simple, right? The sketching and inking for the drawing I will use in this tutorial took me 4 hours and 48 minutes.
coloring book publishing sketch step 1
I start each coloring page like this. I am a traditional drawer, but you may want to draw yours on a tablet, or Wacom, or laptop. Mileage here may vary but the outcome is the same: get a drawing started! This will be the start of what people will end up coloring. Have fun here!

Coloring Book Publishing Sketch

Here is the drawing we will be following from sketch to published product. I love drawing antlers; they are also something I carve into jewelry. I also adore house plants and decided to feature a philodendron. I have long been meaning to draw a sugar skull so I threw that concept in here as well. In the end I feel like I created a fun design for people to color.
sugar skull deer coloring page

Coloring Book Publishing: Transfer and Inking

Once you are happy with your sketch it is time to ink the artwork. I like to transfer my sketches from sketch paper to bristol board. Bristol board is smooth for inking, and has a fine tooth for color pencils. I pretty much use it exclusively for my finished illustrations. I use Micron pens for the ink. Occasionally I will use Copic liners but those are expensive and you will get more bang for your buck with the Micron pens.
how to create coloring book inking

To do the transferring here I used a make-shift light table from shop scraps…:
how to create coloring book light table
and used my phone as the light source:

After I finished this drawing I bought this LED tracing light box and wish I had one sooner! Highly recommended LED light box.

Next Time on Publishing a Coloring Book

Congrats, you have finished the very first step to publishing your own coloring book! Give yourself a pat on the back and remember to do your stretches today. Come back next week for step 2: scanning and editing the inked drawing.

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publishing a coloring book sketchpublishing a coloring book ink

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