Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas, the first creatures

Flame Demon Gourd Sculpture

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas. Today I want to introduce you to the other half of Root Inspirations. He uses gourds as his sculpting material. These were some of his first sculptures.

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas

Gourds in Art

When some people think of “gourd art” they may think of decorative bowls with inlays. These seem to be the norm in gourd crafting.

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas

Nathan does gourd art a little differently as you can tell. Drawing from his character design style, he puts that to use in these gourds. He took up gourd sculpting in 2015 when his dad suggested he try it. His dad lives close to a gourd farmer in Arizona. At first, Nathan’s sculptures were partly shaped with Sculpey. Here can see the little happy T-Rex and a little blue man. The bodies are Sculpey.

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas

The octopus here was a tribute to a local shop, The Octopus and the Fox). Also, the fangs on the snake are from devil claw pods.

Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas

He stepped away from Sculpey in the creative process and now his gourd sculptures are mostly organic and salvaged materials.

The Beginnings

angler fish gourd sculpture Gourd Sculptures by Nathan Thomas cute flame goblin gourd sculpture blue bird gourd sculpture gourd sculpture black beetle

Do You Want More?

Sadly, Nate is on hiatus from sculpting for an undetermined time period. If you’d like to see him continue sculpting sooner than later, please let us know with an email or by buying one of his sculptures from our store here. As well, you can show him your support by buying cool swag from our redbubble here, or our gumroad here. Finally, you can consider a monthly subscription support on our patreon here. Your support in any way means we can keep creating works and blogs to bring to you right here on Root Inspirations.

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