Domino Jewelry Tutorial: ideas from a bone carver

Domino Jewelry Tutorial

Domino jewelry tutorial? Yes! In times of healing from a tendonitis flare-up I occasionally tap into other projects. Like resin jewelry. Domino jewelry is easy and affordable to do, and a great recycle-reuse-repurpose project. Here are some things you’re going need to do this project. If you’re a crafter it is a good bet that you already have most of the supplies already:

  • Old set of dominoes
  • Artists two-part resin
  • Scissors or razor
  • If using a razor: razor mat, or stiff card board
  • Images from magazines or old books
  • Drill, or hooks and E6000
  • Elmers glue or Modge Podge
  • Worn paint brush
  • Necklace cords
  • Cut Out Old Images

    Cut your images to size to fit on a domino. I use a razor to cut them straight out of vintage books by placing the razor mat directly under the page I’m cutting out of. I use a domino as a stencil to get the exact shape cut out. If I wanted a black border, I could then cut a bit off of two sides to frame the image.

    Seal them Well

    Glue the images on the dominoes. Allow to dry then seal the image and edges by painting another layer of glue on top. Allow this to fully dry. I do two to three layers of sealing. Otherwise, I end up with resin bleed-through that darkens areas of the image and gives it spots as you can see.

    Prepare the Cord

    Drill holes for the cord or glue hooks on the back with E6000. I use my Dremel to drill out holes in the sides for aesthetics. I like this look and it lets me play with my hemp cord.

    Add a Thick Layer of Resin on Top

    I use popsicle sticks and tooth picks to gently move the resin to every corner on top of the domino.

    If you used E6000 then you just let them dry and put them on cords to finish! If you used cord holes, you’re in the home stretch.

    Thread the Cords

    I like to use thinner cord as accents to hold the neck cord in place. They attach to the thicker cord with a “snood lashing.” You can watch this technique here in this YouTube video.

    Other Ideas?

    What do you do with dominos and resin? We’d love to hear more ideas from you guys. 🙂

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