Coloring Book Publishing: finishing touches

publishing a coloring book from start to finish

Coloring Book Publishing Finishing Touches

Now we will discuss a few last things to consider: coloring book publishing finishing touches. After this step, you have graduated! These are just a few details that I recommend you do once in a while to your coloring pages. While not required steps, they are just more ways to sell your art and expand your network.

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Color Your Own Coloring Pages

People want an idea of what coloring your line art will be like. Give them an example by coloring it yourself! Try a variety of mediums: color one page with color pencils, the next page with marker, and the next page with a combination of pastels and pencils. You’ll learn things about yourself and improve your line art down the road by doing this.

Coloring my sugar skull deer here took me five hours and sixteen minutes. I used polychromos color pencils to color it. My trusty Kutsuwa pencil sharpener kept my pencil points sharp, while highlights were achieved with a thin pen-like eraser.
Coloring Book Publishing Finishing Touches sugar skull deer coloring page

Photograph Your Work!

You never know how a well-staged photo could help sell your work. Take photos of the finished product as well as in-progress photos. I like to take photos with the colors I am using around the drawing.
how to create coloring book inking

Publish Colored Work on Redbubble

Redbubble allows artists to upload their images and sell them on mugs, shirts, bags, pillows and so much more. It is very user-friendly and you can apply one image to all of their products in a single page process. This is where you can see your own art printed on bed spreads, pillow cases, and phone cases. Even cooler is you can offer line art as an option so people can color their own scarf, print or sticker. Each artwork listing takes maybe five to ten minutes, it is so easy!

Coloring Book Publishing Finishing Touches

Congrats are in order, you finished all the steps to publishing your own coloring book or page. As you can see, it takes a lot of work to make it happen: this image alone took 14 hours and 6 minutes from sketch to being published. That time will fluctuate per image, but it will still take a while. If you have any of your own tips and tricks, please share in the comments!

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