Cat Sticker Pack Naughty Kitties


– four cat stickers
– each measures approximately 3.75 inches tall
– naughty kitties
– swearing cat stickers

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Cat Sticker Pack Naughty Kitties

These kitties sure are naughty! Three of them are visual puns on the English idiom “more than one way to skin a cat.” One is a meme that I drew my version of; a cat cleaning her bitch slapper (paw).

More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

No cats were harmed in creating of these stickers. These stickers may not be for everyone. I can understand if you don’t share my sick sense of humor. This idiom actually dates back to the 1800s and simply means there are always more than one way of doing anything. Goriness aside, it gets your creative juices flowing when trying to do something one way and having difficulty.

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Author: Colleen

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