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Our Neat House Introduction

We closed on Our Neat House in October, 2017. We knew we were getting a fixer-upper and so the projects have been endless. Still, it is about time I start sharing how much love and energy we are putting into this precious property. I’ve always loved adobe houses so that was a huge selling point of this beauty.

We are lucky to have met several people who are intimately familiar with the property. They have grown up playing in it, having children in it, building on it, and taking care of it. Though they grew up exploring the property and playing on it, they do admit it grew to be a sort of dump.

Few houses in our area seem to become a trash hoarder’s dream come true and the value of the properties that meet such owners plummet. We have, so far, spent about 3 years slowly undoing the layers of neglect. We have a long way to go and this blog series will be about our adventures in restoring this property.

First Thing is First: that water heater

Our water heater closet had mold and had to be remediated by the former owner. This simply required them to spray a mold killer. After getting the keys we tore out the moldy wall, cleaned up the closet, and installed a new water heater. Sounds simple, sure. This was done before we moved in. It was, so far, one of the simpler fixes we have done.

Water heater closet

Owning a House

Caring for an older and neglected house has not been easy. We have a tight budget and so while many may have already flipped this house within 3 years, that is not our goal. We will be here for a long time yet and will keep saving money, then spending it to improve an area of the property, saving money again, spending that savings on another area… and so on.

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