Carved Bone Necklace Upgrade, my favorite dragon necklace

I made this carved bone necklace upgrade several years ago, and want to show you how I did it.  I wore the original design from time to time but I was not happy with how the texture had turned out.  This bothered me as I loved the design but I just couldn’t get over the texture feeling “wrong”. As you can see here, the texture was a series of small dimples over the entire design:

After some years, and more notches put into my carving skills belt, I decided it was time for an upgrade!  I stripped it of its cord and decorative wrapping and carved it until it was smooth.  Then I sanded it until it had a slick surface.  Then, I polished it with a polishing wheel.  This is the final result after re-wrapping it:
carved bone necklace upgrade

I think this design is more elegant than its predecessor and as a pendant with a built in jump ring, I can attach it to any cord at all.

Author: Colleen

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