My Bone Carving Introduction: how I was inspired

This is my bone carving introduction. To see a bone carving FAQ go here instead, this post is about how I discovered bone carving.

My Bone Carving Introduction

I’ve drawn since before I can recall. I’ve carved from only 2008.

I discovered the amazing world of bone carving on August 20 of 2008 with the help of beetlecat from beetlecat originals. She posted this photo to a forum that we both participated in:

It was a fun break from work for her as she focuses more on costuming and costume accessories than bone carving. It still spoke volumes to me and on September 2, only 18 days later than her post, I had carved my first antler cross sections.


I carved them with a battery-powered Dremel. The Dremel could handle about ten minutes of bone carving, then would need to charge for four hours. I had only a handful of bits to use. I didn’t have safety gear of any sort.


This is how I started carving. Slow, gradual, frustrated by my limitations but excited by the beautiful possibilities this opened for my creativity.

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