Why I Did Not Like the Color Purple: it’s not as strange as it sounds!

why i didn't like purple

Why I Did Not Like The Color Purple

Why I did not like the color purple is similar to why so many people don’t like the word moist. I can already feel your glares. How dare I compare such beauty with such grossness, right? Well, it is not that simple and I will tell you why.

Attacked For Being Different

For years in my life I found myself surrounded by people who had an unhealthy obsession with purple. Everything was purple. Store bought or hand-made, it was purple. Purple came up in daily conversations. Purple, purple, purple! It was everywhere and on everyone’s minds. When they’d ask me my favorite color, it seemed only so they could bring up purple and give me a hard time. I mean, their favorite was purple so didn’t I love purple as well? What did I mean that I did not like the color purple? Everyone loved it. I was weird for not liking it.

It was overwhelmingly off-putting when it was not “cool” to not like purple. I was given crap for not liking a color and that only reinforced my dislike of the color. Did I seriously have to like a color to be accepted? Is this how the adult world functions? I was baffled and so my dislike of purple sunk in deep; it got pushed on me everywhere I went. I had Hype Aversion, and it could happen to you. When you are under constant beratement for what should be an inconsequential thing, do you want to turn around and like that thing? It seems so silly, but yes this did happen to me.

Coming to Terms and Acceptance

These past few years I have only met a few purple fanatics in person and have thus slowly un-clenched my hold on that aversion to a color. I have even considered using it my art more often now a days and I feel like I am well on the path to hype aversion recovery. A while ago a coworker who felt it was necessary to give me something purple for the sake of purple gave me a purple mason jar. I love jars! And yes, I use that jar.

Do You Know How I Feel?

Have you had a coming-to-terms with a strange reason to get picked on? We’d love to hear your story, however humorous or eye-rolly it may be. How about buying a coloring page from our store to color in all purple? We’d also love seeing that!

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