New Mexico Penitentiary Buck: where the buck stops here

New Mexico Penitentiary Buck: the buck stops here photo

I took “New Mexico Penitentiary Buck” with an ancient Nikon D70 during a trip to Santa Fe Old Main. I like to take props with me on photo excursions, and took some shed antlers on this trip. A photographer friend of mine held the antlers from within a cell. First, we checked if they’d get locked in by closing the cell door without anyone in it. Luckily, it did reopen, so I had my friend hold the antlers like a buck was trying to escape the cell bars.

new mexico penitentiary buck

I have explored this abandoned prison many times. Though sadly, those days are gone. You now need an official guide, and to stay with the group, in order to go. I recommend these photographers for more photos of the amazing place:
City of Dust
NM Old State Pen by Killbox
SouthWest Ghost Hunters Association

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