My Favorite Art Supply Stores

my favorite art supply shops

My Favorite Art Supply Stores

Something all artists have are their favorite places to get art creating supplies and materials. I want to share mine with you. I recommend these places based on quality of the supply and prices. As always, there are local places and there are distant places. So, if you live in Albuquerque or not you should find something in my list that you can use!

Local to Albuquerque

There are a few shops in the 505 that I have frequented for all my art needs. Be it carving or drawing, I try to buy locally when local stores have what I want. All of these seem to ship from online shops, so they aren’t just for locals.

I use Rio Grande for my carving and jewelry needs, they treat their employees right and have great customer support. Just read about the length they went to in helping me figure out my Foredom. I don’t often need to, but I shop Artisan Santa Fe for my drawing needs: art tape, pencils, erasers, and paints. While I haven’t shopped Indian Jewelers Supply for a long time but they are always in mind for if I need a specific size bead or cabochon for my carving and jewelry. Thunderbird Supply is also not far from my thoughts for beads and the like.

I know of a few gem and mineral shops I want to visit for my carving desires; I just haven’t made the time to yet. However, this post would not be complete without mentioning one shop. I saved the best for last because they’ve been around for a long time and this woman knows how to run her business right! Mama’s Minerals is THE store to visit if you love gems and jewelry. I’ve bought a wide arrange of supplies from this place: beads for my necklaces, mammoth ivory to carve, orbs to include in my photography, and display items to perch curio objects on.

Online Supply Shops

I have done my fair share of online shopping for art supplies. Online seems to have the best deals and best choice for a few items.

As well, Jerrys Artarama, Dick Blick, and Cheap Joes are all similar. I like to price compare between these three and Amazon and go with the best deal.

I Need Suggestions for a Cord Supply

For my cords, I have shopped around and have not yet come to find a favorite. If you have suggestions, please do leave a comment to let me know! I prefer natural fibers like hemp or bamboo. Various thicknesses are a must, as are the options for wax or non-wax.

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