Finding a Horse Skeleton, this bone hunters dream

Horse skulls colt stallion mare

I am a Bone Hunter

I am a bone hunter. Meaning, I love to find bones when I am out hiking or exploring. I have found a few in the past when I would seek bone yards out. A few while I was urban exploring abandoned places and ghost towns. I have never found human remains, no worries there!

Below is a photo of a horse skeleton I found out in the wild. A warning to those who are sensitive to this type of photo, look at your own discretion.

Horse Skeletons and Bones

One of the most abundant bones I have ever found has been those that belong to horses. At one time I was cleaning around 15 horse skulls and one entire skeleton. While it is sad that there are so many dead horses to be found, I find them fascinating as well. Once I get over the sadness of the situation I always find something amazing: wolf teeth or canine teeth or extra teeth, signs of bone disease or other trauma, tiny heads and large heads. I feel like I get a glimpse into what their life was like before they died.

As well, they make great photography subjects sometimes. This fellow was so twisted and stretched out, it’s almost like it is forming a letter.

finding a horse skeleton

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