Carving material available is no limit, our friend Jack says

Jack M. is a unique carver. He uses anything and everything he can to carve. He teaches there is no shortage of carving material available. His love for carving knows no bounds. In-cooperating inlays into each piece is his specialty.

Here he glued a block of color pencils together, and then turned it into a goblet.

Carving Material Available

“I do try to inlay with everything that I turn now. From beads to epoxy to colored ink. Any forms and any object can be done.”

“I haven’t found any materials to inlay yet that I don’t like.. I only make one of a kind objects. My kaleidoscopes have a signature.”

I’ve only attempted carving a block of pencils once. It was a disaster. I tip my hat to Jack. Maybe I’ll try again some day. Perhaps Jack has words of advice for us the next time we hear from him.

Author: Colleen

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