Bone Carving Quality Control, or a tutorial on how to catch mistakes early

Bone Carving Quality Control

There is a step when the carving is coming together that I stop. I put the files and sand paper down. I pick up my Draftmatic .3mm mechanical pencil and I scrutinize the artwork from every possible angle. Sometimes I will do this for a long time, set it down, then come back and take another long look. I mark every flaw I can find with the pencil. A scribble means “hey, this whole area should be filed down” and a small circle means “there is a tiny dent or bump here to go over.” I am on bone carving detail quality control.

bone carving quality control

I have found that doing this helps cut down the time it takes to finish a piece. While it seems time consuming, it has actually saved me from having to back-track when I’d find mistakes or flaws much later in the process. I also do this when wet sanding. In between grits I dry the piece and make sure the previous grit has been replaced.

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